My goal is to develop violists who are stellar contributors to their School Orchestras and who can also stand on their own as soloists and leaders among their peers.  My teaching focuses on polished, solid fundamental skills upon which we can build repertoire appropriate to each student's progression.  I believe that music is a form of deep expression that allows for self reflection, appreciation, team-work, and so many other things!  And we love to have fun while we shoot for our goals such as All Region, Solo & Ensemble, and Studio Recitals!



  • Private Lesson tuition holds your time slot in the teacher’s weekly schedule.  Tuition is calculated by multiplying the time slot rate x the number of weeks in the month.  Tuition for the month is due in full at the first lesson of the month, but no later than the 15th of that month.  (4 weeks in the month x $35 per week for a 30 minute lesson = $140 due at the month's first lesson)

  • Online payments (preferred) are available via your My Music Staff Student/Parent Portal Login on the Lawrence String Studio website.  Please make checks out to “Beth Lawrence”.

    30 minute lesson (Online or Plano Studio) = $35
    30 minute lesson at your home (limits apply, contact for details) = $55
    50 minute lesson (Online or Plano Studio) = $60
    50 minute lesson at your home (limits apply, contact for details) = $80

    Rates are comparable and can be subject to change.


  • A $25 late fee will be incurred for late payment if not received by the second lesson of that month. 

  • A $30 fee will be incurred for any returned checks.  Cash-only for all future payments.  

  • There will be no refund or adjustment of tuition for lessons missed by the student for any reason.

      (See Attendance & Cancellation) Unused lesson credits will expire 6 weeks from the original lesson date. No refunds.


  • Home studio students should arrive no more than 10 minutes early to their scheduled lesson times.  

  • Lessons beginning late because of student tardiness will still end at their scheduled end-time.  Lessons beginning late because of teacher tardiness will be given the full amount of time, schedule permitting.

     If you need to reschedule, please get in touch with Mrs. Lawrence as soon as possible. 

"No-shows" or cancellations received after 10am on the day of the lesson will be considered forfeited and will not be made up or credited to the next month for any reason.

  • Lessons cancelled by the teacher will be made-up at a mutually agreed upon time or a credit will be applied to the next month’s tuition.  Unused lesson credits will expire 6 weeks from the original lesson date. No refunds for any reason.


At your first lesson...

  • Parents, please plan to attend your child's first lesson.  At this time we will conduct a brief "interview" to go over the lesson contract agreement.  We will also discuss the goals and expectations of both the student and teacher. The outcome of this interview will help determine if the Lawrence String Studio is the right fit for all parties.

  • If enrollment is selected, the lesson plus the remainder of the month will be charged at that time.  There will be no charge if the student is not enrolled.

At every lesson...

  • Parents of students age 12 or younger are strongly encouraged to attend their child's lesson.  Your role will be of an observer with the intent of helping your child with his/her home practice.  Parents of all students are encouraged to observe or drop in to their child's lesson at any time.

  • Bring required materials (see below). 

  • Please arrive approximately 5-10 minutes before your scheduled lesson time.

  • No phone conversations will be permitted in the lesson space.  Please step outside to make or complete a call.

  • Please respect the studio teaching space and only use the front room area and downstairs bathroom.

Studio Expectations 

  • Students of Lawrence String Studio are held to high behavior standards and are expected to conduct themselves with appropriate manners and courtesy.  

  • Please be aware that for your safety and ours, security cameras (both outdoor and indoor) are in use.

  • Please be aware that the teacher is only focused on the enrolled student.  The student will be best served if siblings are not present at the lesson or are occupied and monitored by a parent at all times.  The Lawrence String Studio does not provide childcare. 

  • Students repeatedly attending lessons unprepared (lack of practice or materials) will be given a warning and will be placed on 3 weeks probation.  Continued lack of preparation after this point will result in removal from the Studio.


Plano Studio Protocol also applies to In-Home lessons. (See above and also materials)

  • Be sure to have a quiet space set up in your home for our lessons. (No TV, pets, siblings or other distractions, if possible)

  • Parents are encouraged to listen in or attend their child's lesson in order to encourage and reinforce throughout the week.


Please bring the following materials to your lesson:

  • Assigned repertoire (Due to copyright law, students MUST purchase assigned music books online or through a local dealer)
    Items may be available for on-site purchase, to be invoiced to your Lawrence String Studio account.

  • School Orchestra music

  • Good-quality instrument/bow (email your Orchestra teacher or Mrs. Lawrence for guidance)

  • Accessories required for playing (shoulder rest, rosin, extra set of strings, pencil)

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