Mike L.

High School Orchestra Director

"Beth Lawrence is a remarkable private lesson teacher. Her background and education as a professional violist compiled with her successful years as a middle school Orchestra Director makes her one of my top picks for violists who wish private lesson study. She is caring and compassionate in dealing with students of all ages."

Mythili E.

10th grade student

"Mrs. Lawrence is extremely punctual, and I love having her as a teacher because she tries to understand what her students are struggling with and will give advice on how to fix those problems as well as inform us why they are occurring...It is obvious that Mrs. Lawrence sincerely wants her students to gain knowledge and improve, and it is very motivating for a student to have a private lesson teacher like that."

Julie M.

Parent of an 11th grade student

"Our daughter's skills have improved greatly under Ms. Lawrence's teaching. Ms. Lawrence is a patient and encouraging teacher, and our daughter always leaves her lessons feeling more confident in her playing ability."

Robin J.

Parent of an 11th grade student

"Ms. Lawrence has taught lessons to our child for the past three years. She is the first private lesson teacher we have had who took the time to know our child and nurture our child's love for playing rather than just her ability to play. Under Ms. Lawrence's instruction, our child has learned to think critically and improve on her own during her personal practice time. Ms. Lawrence's kindness and encouragement have helped our child grow her skills as well as her enjoyment of playing the viola."

Michelle B.

Parent of a 6th grade student

"Ms. Lawrence has been such a good fit for our son. He looks forward to his lessons each week. Her warm personality, patience, and encouragement has helped improve his playing ability."

Deanna C.

Parent of a 12th grade student

"Beth has instilled a great passion and enthusiasm for music within my daughter. As a matter of fact, after 6 years under her musical instruction, my child has been inspired to use music as a career. Beth challenges & motivates my daughter by improving her level of comprehension."

Susan H.

Parent of a 12th grade student

"When we moved to Texas, Beth Lawrence was highly recommended by our high school orchestra director. My son appreciates how well she explains things during lessons and likes her methodology. She has been instrumental with my son maintaining his first chair position."

Allison P.

Parent of a 10th grade student

"my daughter's skills and confidence grew immensely! Mrs. Lawrence is a very kind, patient, and encouraging teacher. The knowledge and skills she has passed along to my daughter are priceless!"